Fool's Overture Roger Hodgson w Orchestra (Supertramp)

This is Roger Hodgson with an orchestra France 2004 Night of the Proms. Roger wrote and composed this song by himself. He has talked about how when he composed it he always saw it being played with an orchestra. So, seeing it with an orchestra we are seeing it the way the composer originally intended it.

Fools Overture is from the Even in the Quietest Moments and also on the Paris Live album. You can only hear this live at Roger Hodgson concerts, Supertramp no longer plays it when they go out on tour. And Roger is on his 2010 World tour now, check out his website for where and when www.rogerhodgson.com

Roger also performs songs from his Open the Door and In the Eye of the Storm albums like In Jeopardy, Lovers in the Wind, Only Because of You, The More I Look, Love is a 1000 Times and many more

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