MP3 Files: Search and download

Musgle is a simple search engine that uses google advanced search options to find MP3 files.

Just use the text box to type your song title and hit Music search, it is just that simple. All the search results are web sites and file directories where you can download your songs directly, you decide whether to go ahead or not.

Link: www.musgle.com


Lyrics On Line

I've been using several web sites offering lyrics on line, and after having tried them out I finally chose just 3.

If you want to watch video clips while reading the lyrics, and you also have a blog or a web site to share them, lyricsmode.com is probably the best option. Besides they offer other interesting options, such as a translation service and some sort of Ipod stuff that I have never used.

Crocmusic is a similar website. It does not offer so many features yet videos are shown on a bigger screen and so are the lyrics. A perfect option if you want to watch videos and also prefer bigger fonts.

And finally I am also using lyricsfly.com. It is the perfect choice when you are looking for something practical and simple.

Ok, this blog is nothing without music, so I am including a couple of videos with the lyrics. I hope you like them, I tried to find videos with both nice lyrics and real messages

Lyrics | John Lennon lyrics - Imagine lyrics

Lyrics | Bob Dylan lyrics - Blowin' In The Wind lyrics


Vaginal Music

When blowing the whistle up to three holes can be used. Actually up to three whistles can be blown simultaneously.

Requirements? A huge talent and three holes available and properly trained to play music, obviously only multi-talented girls can do so, males are limited due to lack of holes (not necessarily due to lack of talent)

Watch the video below for furthers details.

PS. Next post will be a serious one, it's a promise.


Flying Pickets

The Flying Pickets are commonly regarded as being one of the leading pop a-cappella groups in Europe.

In other words, they can sing and sound real good without instrumental accompaniment. Only real good singers can do that, vocal music is much easier with the support of instruments.

Their number one hit is Only You, a ballad written by musician Vince Clarke that became the Christmas # 1 in the UK back in 1983.

For Flying Picket Radio, click Here


Awesome talented kids

There are dozens of videos on the internet with talented kids singing or playing instruments, it is hard to make a selection out of them, so I have just chosen four of my favorite videos with children featuring real music. I have also tried to make sure that they are representative and different from each other.

Just play the videos, you will find the descriptions above as they appear on YouTube. A present for you ears!.

Super Young Hot Voice

Hit The Road Jack - Sungha Jung

Beverly Sills at Eight Years Old!

Itzhak Perlman 13 years old Mendelssohn Violin Concerto