T Rex

T-Rex is not only the name of a giant dinosaur but also the name of a British band. Get in on is probably their best hit ever...well, at least it is my favorite one. For more info click HERE.

Get It On


Double reed instruments (from Guan to Nadaswatam)

Origins of the Clarinet: Duduk and Guan Sean Folsom


    From Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islan - Father and Son -

    Yusuf Islam (born Steven Demetre Georgiou) is an English musician who has been active since 1966 under the names:

    1966–1980 (as Cat Stevens)
    1995–2006 (as Yusuf Islam)
    2006–present (as Yusuf)

    One of his greatest hits is father and son, written and preform by himself in 1970 (as Cat Stevens). He also preformed this song as Yusuf Islam. You'll find both videos below, which one do you prefer?.


    Madness' Hits

    Madness are a British pop/ska band that was formed in 1976 and it still exists.

    More info and main hits bellow:

    Graham "Suggs" McPherson
    Mike Barson
    Lee Thompson
    Chris Foreman
    Mark Bedford
    Daniel Woodgate
    Carl Smyth

    Genres: 2 Tone, Ska, Ska punk, New Wave

    + Info and latest news:

    One step Beyond

    Our House

    Baggy Trousers

    House of Fun

    Nightboat to Cairo


    Double Reed Instruments (from Cromorne to English Horn)



    Double reed instruments

    5 more double reed instrument today. From C to E.


      The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian

      Congrats Egyptian Freedom Fighters. The whole world is walking your way today!


      3 year old Jonathan conducting to the 4th movement of Beethoven's 5th Sy...

      Original Video Description:

      This is 3 year old Jonathan conducting to the 4th movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony. This piece was originally conducted by Herbert von Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoniker, one of Jonathan's favorite conductors and orchestras. Jonathan's passion for classical music became apparent when he was only eight months old. Shortly after that he began conducting on his own.


      Dust in The Wind. Original Song and Best Version

      Dust in the Wind was released by Kansas in 1977 and it is Kansas' only top ten Billboard Hot 100 charting single.

      Scorpions also included included a live version of Dust In The Wind on their 2001 CD Acoustica, which is considered the best version of the song so far... you will find both videos below, enjoy!


      Double reed instruments (From Bagpipe to Bombarde)





      Double reed instruments

      There are 41 instruments listed under this category. The first instruments below: 









      • Bagpipe

      No video available, this instrument is probably no longer played: The bifora or pifara was a Sicilian double reed instrument of the oboe family, related to the ancient shawm and particularly to the piffero of the northern Italian Apennines. Much larger than the piffero, and made in one piece, it was employed together with drums in ceremonial processions, particularly in the town of San Marco d'Alunzio in the province of Messina. Its use seems to have died out during the twentieth century.