OK Go - Here It Goes Again

These guys are pretty funny. For more videos just visit their website http://www.okgo.net/media/videos/


The Pink Panther 019 - Pink, Plunk, Plink

Henry Mancini's Pink Panther's Theme vs. Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

It is a good video if you are felling nostalgic for the Pink Panther and also like this kind of music.


That's Your Music (Page on FB)

Visitors to this blog do not use to reply my posts, so that's why I have just started a brand new page on Facebook related to this blog.

I hope that many people are gonna post messages, videos, pictures and other stuff on the new page, and this is why I have called the new website That's YOUR Music instead of That's MY music,

So, just visit That's Your Music, join us and post anything related to music. Have fun!