Lyrics On Line

I've been using several web sites offering lyrics on line, and after having tried them out I finally chose just 3.

If you want to watch video clips while reading the lyrics, and you also have a blog or a web site to share them, lyricsmode.com is probably the best option. Besides they offer other interesting options, such as a translation service and some sort of Ipod stuff that I have never used.

Crocmusic is a similar website. It does not offer so many features yet videos are shown on a bigger screen and so are the lyrics. A perfect option if you want to watch videos and also prefer bigger fonts.

And finally I am also using lyricsfly.com. It is the perfect choice when you are looking for something practical and simple.

Ok, this blog is nothing without music, so I am including a couple of videos with the lyrics. I hope you like them, I tried to find videos with both nice lyrics and real messages

Lyrics | John Lennon lyrics - Imagine lyrics

Lyrics | Bob Dylan lyrics - Blowin' In The Wind lyrics

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