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Blues music is believed to be a distinctly American style. It can be considered an offshoot of African music as it was in the late 19th century, but infused into the field hollers of black slaves constricted to agonizing loads of work in the plantations of the Mississippi Delta, the blues
became a passionate anthem chronicling the sorrow, pain and struggles of the black slave. Hence, the blues has had a long history as a powerful tell-all vehicle of emotion, very evident in its lyrics, especially those of early Delta blues artists like Robert Johnson and Charley Patton. But was the blues really born in the Delta? Francis Davis, in his book The History of the Blues: the Roots, the Music, the People from Charley Patton to Robert Cray, challenges the common belief that the blues originated in the Delta. He argues that blues music was present in other black rural settlements well before the genre was discovered by the recording industry. Perhaps it was only the proximity of the Delta to Chicago, then the cultural and economic hub of America, in a time where transportation was hard to come by, that Delta artists became the first to make records.

Many credit William Christopher Handy (W.C. Handy) with writing the first blues song, Memphis Blues, in 1908. The song was a hit, and many attribute to its composer the beginning of the popular rise of the blues as a "commercial" art form, as well as exposing this genre to white audiences. The subsequent decades saw the rise of many prominent blues artists who have contributed invaluably to the development of this musical genre. In the the 1920's there were Mamie Smith and Bessie Smith, but swiftly, from the 30's to the 50's, the blues gained a large following in other regions of America.

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