List of Instruments

This is a real complete list of instruments (from http://en.wikipedia.org).

I will try to post 3 or 4 entries a week with videos of instruments from this list (except the bagpipes). This could be quite a big challenge and could take months... I will also post other stuff of course.

Next post tomorrow. See You

Wind instruments

See also: List of woodwind instruments
There are 67 wind instruments listed.

Single reed instruments

There are 38 single reed instruments listed.

Double reed instruments

There are 41 double reed instruments listed.
Oinkboonphone (USA)


There are 48 Brass Instruments listed.

Free reed instruments

There are 37 free reed instruments listed.


There are 16 vocal instruments listed.

Free aerophones

String instruments

There are 184 string instruments listed

Percussion instruments

See also: List of percussion instruments


There are 49 drums listed.

Other percussion instruments

There are 83 other percussion instruments listed.

Electronic instruments

There are 21 electronic instruments listed.

Keyboard instruments

There are 28 keyboard instruments listed.


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