Awful Album Covers of Eastern Europe 70s pop stars

This is gonna be a lazy post. Just make sure you are siting and have nothing in your stomach, the following images could cause a big impact on you.

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Album covers of Eastern Europe 70s pop stars

Somewhere in Eastern-Europe back in 1970's, These were the actual album record covers of Pop stars. I'm not sure how "Good was it" for their album sales / Charts.
Some of the guys back then, had their own unique styles, one of them over 60 years old with "I am on top the world" attitude riding a satellite in space."Milance" is a big Casanova , a lady killer with Prince wannabe look.Then we found out that George Michael stole outlook image from big star "Zlatko" , "Bajo" with stylish suit and hair and old "Tozovac" raiding a cannon in very funny FAIL position.
Now I am thinking that Bajo and Saveta, lady from first picure, were acctualy dating back then
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  1. wickedly shite and very amusing covers.. thanks

  2. Not proud to say, but they are all Serbian:)