Songbeat VS Spotify

Both Songbeat and Spotify are Desktop music players that allow users to find and listen to music very easily. Besides, both services have many features in common such as the possibility to organize your songs, to label and filter them, etc. You can also share your music with other users by making playlists or simply by sending links to your profile or to the song you want to share.

In short, you can do more or less the same things with both sites, and you can obviously listen to full length tracks in any case. However when it comes to browse differences arise, Spotify is a much more "visual", album portraits are on display and songs are organized by decades and genders on the same window. Songbeat looks much more spartan but it is a powerfull tool that allows you to download up to 25 songs for free or burn CDs.

Ops I forgot something. remember that it is required an invite to join Spotify, you can either ask for it or tell a friend to send you an invitation directly (it is much faster) and also remember that Songbeat is a german based company and therefore they are subjected to the german laws related to music downloads.

For further information click here for Spotify and here for Songbeat.

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