The RS 500 Greatest songs of all time: Complete Playlist

Below you will find the complete Play list of the Rolling Stone Magazine 500 Greatest song of all time. Many of the songs are not full length tracks, if 30 seconds are not enough for you just search for the song of your choice, there is a search box on the bottom of the Play List.

I have also included a widget with all the titles of the songs, just click your track and you will get more info on the RS website. Not enough for you? ok my friend, I also have found the lyrics for you on metrolyrics, I could find more links for you but that would be illegal and I should respect the law.

By the way, there is a forum on RS website, it is pretty interesting if you really like music.

The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time


  1. Pretty cool! You certainly put a good amount of work into compiling these lists. Well done!

    I also like to blog about music (as well as a few other artistic subjects). Music makes life fun...


  2. Thank you Liggy.

    Compiling the list was much easier than you think, you can find almost anything on the Internet ;)

  3. Hooo... it is great!! I did enjoy definitly & will have to come more often... jajaja
    I've been busy at U.PompeuFabra I check the Spotify place last week, some Irish friend sent me an invitation.. it is not bad, but I got tired after a while...I prefer to come over your site once or two every time RS inform about...
    Hope to see you soon...take care mate!!!